Hatha Yoga Private Sessions  - We will focus on your particular needs, concerns & goals, exploring  Hatha Yoga poses (asanas) & breath work (pranayama), making whatever modifications are necessary to help you feel grounded, spacious & confident in your poses and practice.  We will also work on core strengthening & discuss hand positions (mudras), where to place your gaze (drishti) & how to conserve, create & utilize your energy.  I am equally happy to support people in developing a home practice and in supporting people who just want to feel more comfortable and confident in their group classes.     $120/1 hr      $150/1.5hr

Hatha Yoga-Rebounding Private Sessions utilizing Bellicon Rebounders. See my website Rebound and Reboot on the many health benefits & joys of Rebounding.  We will alternate between yoga warm-ups and asanas, rebounding, and core strengthening.          $120/1hr        $150/1.5hr

Orientation into the Higher Aspects of Yoga - The higher aspects of yoga  rise above and extend far beyond the yoga mat & hatha yoga asanas.  Sri Aurobindo taught that 'All LIFE IS YOGA' & that LIFE is a Evolutionary Journey towards embodying the Divine on Earth. In  these sessions we will discuss keys of Gnosis which will help you explore these higher dimensions of Yoga.  We will look at cycles of TIME in your own life {see The Gnostic Circle], which begin to reveal the Divine Consciousness  which underlies & harmonizes all circumstances of our lives.        $120/1hr      $150/1.5hr

Location: Marin, CA , specifics to be mutually determined. I do home visits and also rent studio space.

Group Rates, Sliding Scale and Trades are negotiable.

Yoga Coaching