Hatha Yoga Private Sessions  - We will focus on your particular needs, concerns & goals.  We will explore  Hatha Yoga poses (asanas) & breathwork (pranayama), and made whatever modifications are necessary to help you feel grounded, spacious & confident in your poses/practice.  We will also work on core strengthening & explore hand positions (mudras), tongue positions, where to place your gaze (drishti) & how to conserve, create & utilize your energy.  I can provide you with visual materials & yoga sequences to help you with your home practice which many people prefer over or in addition to group classes.          $80/1hr      $100/1.5hr

Hatha Yoga-Rebounding Private Sessions utilizing Bellicon Rebounders. See my website Rebound and Reboot on the many health benefits & joys of Rebounding.  We will alternate between yoga warm-ups and asanas, bouncing, and core strengthening.          $80/1hr        $100/1.5hr

Orientation into the Higher Aspects of Yoga - The higher aspects of yoga  rise above and extend far beyond the yoga mat, hatha yoga asanas & classes.  Sri Aurobindo taught that 'All OF LIFE IS YOGA' & that YOGA/LIFE is a Evolutionary Journey towards the manifestation of a Supramental/Unity Consciousness on Earth. In  these sessions we will discuss keys of Gnosis which will help you explore these higher dimensions of Yoga/Life.  We will look at cycles of TIME in your own life {see The Gnostic Circle], which begin to reveal the Supramental Consciousness  which underlies  & harmonizes all circumstances of our lives.        $80/1hr      $100/1.5hr

Group Rates, Sliding Scale and Trades are negotiable

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