Yoga Coaching

Group Rates, Sliding Scale and Trades are negotiable.

Virtual Hatha Yoga Group Classes: The CoVid19 Pandemic and Stay at Home orders have of course halted all of my in-person classes (and much of my income). Given this situation, I am now offering some Virtual Hatha Yoga Flow and Restorative ClassesSee the Virtual Yoga Classes page for more information. Currently these classes are FREE, though donations are welcome. 

Private Hatha Yoga Sessions (VIRTUAL ONLY while Stay at Home orders are in place) - We will focus on your particular needs, concerns & goals, exploring  Hatha Yoga poses (asanas) & breath work (pranayama), making whatever modifications are necessary to help you feel grounded, spacious & confident in your poses and practice.  We will also work on core strengthening & discuss hand positions (mudras), where to place your gaze (drishti) & how to conserve, create & utilize your energy.  I am equally happy to support people in developing a home practice and in supporting people who just want to feel more comfortable and confident in their group classes. $100/1 hr  $120/75min (sliding scale as per need). Outdoor locations in Marin County, CA possible in warm weather.