•  I was born in West Virginia in 1969 and grew up in Virginia.  I was an athlete from a young age and loved nothing more than being physical and being strong and coordinated in motion. Also from a young age, I spontaneously practiced  breath control and yoga nidra which led to deep states of meditation and kundalini awakening long before anyone ever mentioned such practices or yoga to me.
  • After graduating from a college preparatory school, I attended the University of Virginia from 1987 to 1991, where upon I graduated with a BA in English Literature.  
  • From 1991 I became an avid student of spiritual knowledge, mostly drawn to eastern traditions. I was not interested in empty beliefs, dogma or rituals, I was in pursuit of real  knowledge. In 1993, an older brother introduced me to Sri Aurobindo's Integral and Supramental Yoga which occurred as Truth I was born to remember and reconnect with.
  • In late 1996, I took my first Hatha Yoga class and from then on developed an intensive Hatha Yoga practice (initially in the Bikram Style) in order to address injuries & wounds on every level of my being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • In 1999 I became a certified  Bikram Yoga instructor, began teaching and then heeded a call to travel to India which had never occurred to me as somewhere I ever needed to go. This three month trip had an intriguing 'mind' of its own and drew me deeper into the study of Integral and Supramental Yoga. 
  • Upon returning to the U.S. in 2000, I began teaching Hatha Yoga full time in California, and began studying the Supramental Gnosis and Vedic Cosmology of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet which revealed a harmonious  precision and force at work in the circumstances of life, visible in cycles and geometries of time. From that point on it was clear that regardless of the ignorance of the mind, the soul knows better and manifests exactly what it needs to in order to progress towards its fulfillment in the material world, whether that be through positive or negative circumstances.
  • Between 2007-2013 I was quite ill with Lyme Disease and couldn't teach Hatha Yoga, but with my yoga studies and began My Blog in 2009.
  • In late May of 2013 I began to recover from Lyme, and was strong enough to teach again in late 2014.
  • I was docent of 'The Future Realisation Exibition' in Pondicherry, India in February of 2014, and then spent 3 months working for Thea at Aeon Centre of Cosmology in Tamil Nadu.
  • In early 2016 I began writing 'The Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom', which I self-published on Amazon on 11 January 2018.


'Higher' Education

  • BA in English Literature, University of Virginia, 1988-1991.
  • MA in Education & Teaching Credential, University of Colorado, Boulder. 1992-1994.

Yoga Trainings/Education:

  • Bikram Yoga College of India, Beverly Hills, CA.,  600+ hour training, 1999.
  • Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Bangalore, India - Hatha Yoga & other limbs of yoga, 2000.
  • White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA. - Thai Yoga Massage Training, 2001
  • Aeon Centre of Cosmology, Tamil Nadu, India - Supramental Yoga & Cosmology, 2002, 2005, 2014.

Studios Owned:

  • Bikram Yoga Monterey Bay/The Yoga Sanctuary (taught Bikram Yoga), 2001-2002. 
  • Yoga Loft, Ukiah, California (taught Bikram, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga), 2004-2006.

Studios where I've taught from 1999-Present (Bikram, Vinyasa, Restorative & General Hatha Yoga):

  • Bikram Yoga Colleges in Aspen, Basalt, Boulder & Los Angeles, Tribecca, NYC , Universal Yoga, Mill Valley;Yoga Loka, San Rafael & Fairfax, CA; Bikram Yoga Monterey Bay/The Yoga Sanctuary, Yoga Moon, Novato, CA; Yoga Loft, Ukiah, CA; Red Dragon, Mill Valley, CA; Harbin Hot Springs Conference Center, Middletown, CA; Embrace Yoga, Terra Linda, CA; Sukha Yoga, Novato, CA; Yoga Garden, San Anselmo, CA.; YMCA San Rafael, Novato.

Non-Profit Work:

PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS, MARIN COUNTY, CA        $120/1hr     $150/1.5hr

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